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Sticky Tunes

Silky Paws

Quick Overview

As unique as you are! With Sticky Tunes style stickers you and your guitar are the eye-catcher at every gig.

: Gitarrenaufkleber

Sticky Tunes Design-Stickers offer an easy way to give your guitar a brand new look.

Choose from a variety of designs and give your guitar the style that suits you.

The high-quality and durable Design Stickers turn your guitar into a piece of jewellery and can be easily removed from the guitar neck if necessary.


Easy To Remove
The stickers are specially designed for guitars and no adhesive residue remains when removing them.

Extremely Resistant
The special coating makes the stickers resistant to mechanical abrasion and moisture.

The stickers are only 0.08 mm thin and are therefore hardly noticeable when playing.

Like Real Inlays
Due to the ultra-thin material and the metallic look the stickers look like real inlays.

Various Motifs Available
Sticky Tunes Design Stickers are available in various designs. Whether funny, playful, noble or dark... our stickers are there for everyone.


Additional pictures and a how-to can be found on the Sticky Tunes info page

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