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21,5 x 30 cm, 96 pages, with CD

Art.Nr. D 849
ISBN 978-3-86849-008-4
ISMN 979-0-50017-349-6
Edition Noten mit CD

Michael Langer

Saitenwege - Der sehr leichte Einstieg

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A very easy introduction to the world of the classical guitar

: Gitarre

This edition encompasses five centuries of guitar music. Compositions by Fabian Payr, Gerard Montreuil, Klaus Schindler and other contemporaries lend the collection a special character. Only simple changes of position and legato playing! No barré finger!

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Table of contents


Danse Anglaise, Anonym

Pavane, Anonym

Der Fuggerin Tanz, Melchior Neusidler

What If A Day Or A Month Or A Year, Jane Pickering's Lute Book

Irish Tune, William Ballet

Echo, Valentin Haussmann

Bockington's Pound, Francis Cutting

Orlando Sleepeth, John Dowland

Volte, Johann Thysius

A Toy, Anonym

Mr. Dowland's Midnight, John Dowland


Canario, Carlo Calvi

Bourée, Jacques de Saint-Luc

Gavotte, Anonym

Capricho, Johann Anton Logy

Menuet, Silvius Leopold Weiss

Aria, Santiago de Murcia

Largo, Antonio Vivaldi, arr. Langer

Musette, Johann Sebastian Bach

Entrée, Antonio Brescianello

Gavotte, Antonio Brescianello

Menuet, Antonio Brescianello


Walzer, Ferdinando Carulli

Walzer, Dionisio Aguado

Le Papillon, Mauro Giuliani

Allegretto, Ferdinando Carulli

Ländler, Joseph Küffner

Präludium, Ferdinando Carulli

Andante, Fernando Sor

Ecossaise, Mauro Giuliani

Andante, Ferdinando Carulli

Walzer, Mauro Giuliani

Poco Allegretto, Ferdinando Carulli

Walzer, Ferdinando Carulli

Arietta, Joseph Küffner

Andante Grazioso, Ferdinando Carulli

Moderato, Anton Diabelli

Zerlegungsübungen, Mauro Giuliani

Akkordstudie, Ferdinando Carulli


Walzer, Anonym

Andantino, Matteo Carcassi

Allegretto, Matteo Carcassi

Walzer, José Ferrer

Ländler, Joseph Kaspar Mertz

Kleines Stück, Robert Schumann

Etüde, Matteo Carcassi

Mazurka, José Ferrer


Der Clown Pim, Jürg Kindle

Tango pour Helene, Gerard Montreuil

Nilpferd, Horst Großnick

Mephisto's Nightwalk, Klaus Schindler

El Papamoscas, Cees Hartog

Pasear a Cabello, Cees Hartog

Swinging, Klaus Schindler

Sao Paolo, Gerard Montreuil

Katzenjammer, Klaus Schindler

Samba Lele, Trad., arr. Langer

Wabash Rag, Trad., arr. Langer

El Noi de la Mare, Trad., arr. Langer

Simple Truth, Michael Langer


Sheebeg And Sheemore, Trad., arr. Langer


Glocken, Germano Cavazolli

Von fernen Sternen, Michael Langer

Kleiner gelber Vogel, Klaus Schindler

Desirée, Maria Linnemann

Carrousel, Gerard Montreuil

Luftsprung, Horst Großnick

Mein kleiner Papiermond, Michael Langer

Chant du Matin, Maria Linnemann

Fernweh, Horst Großnick

Romanze vom Wind, Germano Cavazolli

Open Air, Fabian Payr

Authors portrait

Michael Langer plays both classical guitar and fingerstyle. At the beginning of his career he won the “American Fingerstyle Guitar Festival” competition and was awarded the accolade “Best Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarist” by the US magazine “Guitar Player”. Today, he is Professor of Classical Guitar at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz, Austria, and at the Vienna Conservatory Private University. He has been giving concerts in many European countries, the USA and China for the last 35 years.
Langer is the author of numerous publications which have been translated into several languages and published internationally and he is also very busy working as a teacher at master classes and advanced training courses.

More information on CDs, books, concerts and workshops can be found on this home page: www.michaellanger.at

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